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A true treasure in every sense of the word! Fine Pouchong leaves are scented with jasmine blooms, then rolled into pearls that unfurl in your cup. These slender green leaves produce their entrancing aroma for three, four, five infusions.
Insider Tip To get the most out of your pearls, start with shorter infusions and increase the length of each subsequent infusion. These hand-rolled pearls deserve to be savored! 
Caffeine Level: Low.
Learn More: Jasmine pearls, also known as Jasmine Dragon Pearls, is a green tea that originated in the Fujian Province of China. Traditional jasmine tea is made from fresh Pouchong leaves that are picked in the early spring and then stored until late summer when fresh jasmine flowers are in bloom. The jasmine tea is then hand-rolled to form pearls. The resulting flavor of jasmine tea is subtly sweet, highly fragrant and is perfect for multiple infusions. Be careful of cheap imitations! There are many grades of Jasmine Pearls that are of lower quality tea and craftsmanship. These will look dull, a bit rough, and less tightly rolled. While less expensive, you can really taste the difference.
At The Tea Smith, we pride ourselves in blending many of our teas by hand, carefully calculating our blends, and selecting only the best teas and the best ingredients to be used in our collection. 

Ingredients: Green tea from China and jasmine flowers.




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kt 12th Jan 2022

peerless, perfect pearls

I LOVE jasmine green tea - I usually have the standard S*nfl*wer version around. And it's good. But there is really no comparison. Jasmine Pearls from TeaSmith is so much better! Light and floral on my tongue and a true joy to drink. I enjoy it a few times a week during the cooler months.

Angela Lambertz 1st Dec 2021

Such a treat!

An indulgence worth the cost and attention to brew temperature and time.

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