Jasmine Golden Pearls Chinese Black Tea 1oz

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This Chinese black tea has been scented with jasmine and rolled into large pearls that unfurl over the course of several infusions. It has a smooth maltiness along with the floral jasmine overtones.
Insider Tip: If you are a fan of our Jasmine Pearls, try this tea! Try doing multiple infusions, starting short and growing longer, and watch the leaves unfurl. This method also allows you to experience the depth of flavors these handcrafted teas can yield.
Caffeine Level: High.
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Black tea, or fully oxidized tea, is made from the same plant as green and white teas, camilla sinensis, but is processed differently. Black teas are traditionally produced from one of two varietals, camilla seninsis seninsis or camilla seninsis assamica. Referred to as 'red tea' in most of Asia, referencing the color of the liquor, it is called black tea in the West in reference to the dry leaf color. In China, black tea refers to a pu-erh. Check out our selection here. Black tea can be processed to have a variety of flavors, from a sweet, smooth cup, to a more malty and bracing cup, much depends on the terroir in which the tea was grown and methods used during drying and processing. Black teas are grown all over Asian, including China, India, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Georgia. More recently, tea has begun to be produced in Kenya, Malawai, and other, less traditional locations. 

Ingredients: Black Tea, scented with jasmine



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Andy 20th Apr 2022

My favorite tea

Hard to find!

Sharon g. Towell 31st Mar 2022

Jasmine pearls

Delicious and aromatic tea. Love the convenience of the tea "pearls".

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