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Tea Travel Passport

Travel the World of Tea with The Tea Smith.  Enroll to experience the unique character of teas from gardens all over the world!  We have selected 24 teas from 8 different countries for your tea adventure. We will send you a passport to track your journey...
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Tropical Passion Oolong Tea 1oz

Let this oolong tea transport you to a warm breezy tropical beach.  A lightly oxidized oolong is complemented with tropical fruit, and a hint of sweetness.  This blend makes an unusual and relaxing iced tea!   Insider Tip: This is a rolled oolong. Try...

Sweet & Flavored Matcha Japanese Green Tea

$2.25 - $2.81
Enjoy Matcha green tea at its' finest. High-grade Japanese Matcha Green Tea sweetened with natural cane sugar. Serve hot or cold, with your favorite milk, or blend up your own special recipe. (Accessories sold separately.)    Multiple flavors are...

Wintertime Warming Green Tea 1oz

A green tea with cranberry and orange fruit flavors with warming cinnamon and clove.  This seasonal offering is a perfect tea to enjoy curled up by the fire with a great book.   Insider Tip:  No added flavorings, just natural ingredients.   Caffeine...